35 Best Airport Restaurants in America

35 Best Airport Restaurants in America

Perfect for a layover or a quick preflight bite

One of the main reasons travel can be so stressful is because of how chaotic and hectic it can be to navigate airports. Between making sure you’ve got all the right stuff packed within the TSA’s guidelines, checking in, and making it to your gate, there’s a lot to keep in mind; it’s also bound to make you a bit hungry. You may not be sure how you feel about airplane food thanks to your mid-air taste buds, but thankfully the airport tends to have plenty of options.

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It wasn’t so long ago that airport food was regarded about as highly as the food served on board. Some airports, however, have opened truly noteworthy restaurants in recent years. At The Daily Meal, we understand just how important food is to travel, and we believe it’s an important part of the journey to and from your destination as well. While taking a look at the airport options across the country, we considered the popularity of restaurants as well as quality of both food and service in addition to variety of menu options (unless the restaurant in question has earned a reputation for specializing in a specific food). Whether you’re looking for ideas to occupy your time on a layover or just hoping for a good bite to eat before your flight, check out our guide to the 35 best airport restaurants in America.

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