Amazing Jell-O Desserts

Enjoy these delicious summer treats
Jell-O Desserts

Jell-O Desserts

Oh Jell-O, you jiggly, wiggly fun treat. You’ll forever remind us of simpler days and of course, Bill Cosby. But other than being nostalgia-inducing deliciousness, Jell-O actually makes for a fabulous dessert base that kids and adults will love!

The best part about serving  Jell-O desserts has to be the fact that they are low in calories and are rarely bad for you! Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for kids or you just need a cool, refreshing snack, try any of these gorgeous ideas we found on Pinterest!

Rainbow Mold

Rainbow Jell-O mold

Who doesn’t dig a colorful dessert like this?

Colorful Jar

rainbow jar

If you’re hosting a beach party for the kids, this sweet dessert shows off all of the colors kids love and mimics the ever-popular beach ball!

Patriotic Dessert

jello dessert

Show your pride at your annual picnic with this sweet treat!

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