The Best Food and Drink in New Mexico

Your guide to delicious food in the Southwest
New Mexico
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New Mexico is nicknamed “The Land of Enchantment” for its natural beauty and rich history, including its bewitchingly good food. In our first annual guide to the best food and drink in every state, we cover all the best burgers, pizza, sandwiches, Mexican food, and other staples this great state has to offer.

The Best Food and Drink in Every State for 2018: New Mexico (Gallery)

The best pizza in New Mexico is definitely not sitting on top of Walter White’s house, but it could be on your table should you dine at Il Vicino. Looking for the unique experience of dining in a tortilla factory? Albuquerque’s El Modelo has got you covered. Just because you’re going to have to decide between red or green chile sauces everywhere you go in New Mexico doesn’t mean you also have to debate where the best spot in town to grab lunch is — we at The Daily Meal have done that work for you.

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How did we decide, you ask, when there are so many delicious places to dine? After comprehensive and wide-ranging lists and rankings, compiled through extensive research and with input from a wide network of site contributors, bloggers, journalists, and chefs we’ve been able to make definitive slideshows celebrating the best food and drink in every state, and you can find our New Mexico slideshow here.