10 Irresistible International Pies for Pi Day

Pinterest shared with us the top trending pies from around the world for Pi Day
10 Irresistible International Pies for Pi Day


Celebrate Pi Day with a delicious slice apple, pecan, or pumpkin pie. 

We have more than 3.1415… reasons to love Pi Day, the celebration of the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Thanks to a clever homophone and a willingness to add sweet, round treats to any celebration, pies on Pi Day has become a thing, and we aren’t about to complain. Mathematical constants aside, this is one day where number-lovers and food fanatics around the world can come together to celebrate pi with some delicious pie.

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Before you start your ovens, consider expert baker and pie-maker Kate McDermott of the Art of Pie’s number one tip that she shared with us way back in November when we were consumed with finding the Best Thanksgiving Pies. According to McDermott, the key to the perfect pie: “Keep everything chilled, especially yourself.”

With the help of Pinterest, we have compiled a list of the top 10 trending pie recipes from around the world for Pi Day. No pie was too savory or too sweet to miss our list. Check out what savory pie sensation has Pinterest users clicking away in France, as well as the sweet, strudel-topped pie from — you guessed it — Germany.

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