Transformers: The Ride - 3D

Theme Park
Production Central (at Universal Studios)
Orlando, FL 32819


  • Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are now greeting guests daily!
  • OPENING DAY! If you liked the Spiderman ride your gonna absolutely love this!
  • Um dos melhores brinquedos do parque!!!
  • Transformers = Spider-Man 2.0. Let's be honest, it's the same ride.
  • This is NOT like Spiderman! Its the same concept but way better HD 3D. Simply amazing Universal Studios!! And make sure you get your picture taken with Optimus, Bumblebee & Megatron!
  • Celebrating its grand opening on June 20, 2013, TRANSFORMERS: The Ride offers one of the best thrill ride experiences in the world. Get on board EVAC and save the AllSpark!
  • Employee previews just ended, I went on three times, best ride in the park and easily the top three in Orlando, with the other two right next door.
  • Best ride at Universal yet! You cannot miss this one!
  • Look for this spot marked on the pavement - it's the best place to snap a photo of the Optimus Prime figure.
  • Grand opening June 20th, 2013
  • A melhor atrao!!!
  • If you hit this first thing in the morning, you can be on and off in 40 minutes. And if you can't, it's still worth it. Best theme park ride I've ever been on. This is what 3D should be used for!
  • The "Island" formerly housed the Herc & Xena show, & was connected to Donkey's Photo Finish with Shrek meet & greet. It was torn down 2012, and was just announced to become Transformers in 2013!
  • Also affectionately known as the EPXena
  • Simulador irado! Melhor que o do Spiderman!
  • Very similar to the spider man ride at islands of adventure!
  • Has opened early for rehearsal! Great ride and a must do!
  • They tried to make a Spider-Man, and failed. Pretty much no physical effects. Don't wait in line longer than 30 mins if you have a park-to-park.
  • Um dos melhores do parque.. Vale muito a pena esperar na fila..

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