Top Spots For Adult Music Classes In St. Louis

Top Spots For Adult Music Classes In St. Louis
Ok, so you’re a wee past graduation. In fact, maybe those school days are a distant memory. But your love of music has stayed with you through the years and you find yourself wishing you had done something about it in your younger days. St. Louis is loaded with opportunity for music lovers, of any age, to explore their beloved music passion. Go ahead and take the plunge. Sign up for a music lesson, or two. It’s never too late.

Lacefield Music

83 S. County Center Way
St Louis, MO 63129
(314) 845-3760

The folks at Lacefield Music think that everyone should play the piano and they also think that you are never, never too old to learn. That’s why they make a special effort to reach out to retired citizens with a special class just for them. But you don’t need to be retired to enjoy this benefit as they welcome kids and adults of any age and any skill level. In fact, get your feet wet by taking advantage of free group lessons, at any level, when you purchase a piano. There really is no excuse to not act on that desire to express your musical side.

Dave Simon’s Rock School
1305 Baur Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132
(314) 692-7625

There is a little rock star in all of us. And it seems to be a fantasy that we just never outgrow. Well, at Dave Simon’s Rock School, you can live the dream. Take lessons in electric and acoustic guitar. Learn the chords, songs along with sight-reading and music theory. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. Dave Simon’s welcomes all skill and age levels. Maybe the drums have always been your passion, or bass guitar. Learn your way around the keyboard or take voice lessons and learn to take the stage like Stephen Tyler or Mick Jagger, and belt out your favorite rock and roll ballad. They’ve got it all covered, so sign up today and show the younger generation how it’s really done.

Mozingo Music
4689 Highway K
O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 300-9553

Let it never be said that the reason you can’t fulfill your musical dreams is because there is a lack of diverse musical educational opportunity. Mozingo Music is well known throughout the St. Louis region as one of the area’s best shopping retailers for the widest selection of musical instruments and also for promoting music education. You should have no trouble finding your favorite with over 48 instructors teaching a variety of musical instruments and voice. Students of any age can receive private instruction at any skill level and fulfill their musical dreams. In addition, with three locations, it is very likely to find a convenient store near you.

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St. Louis Community College Continuing Education
3221 McKelvey Road, Suite 250
Bridgeton, MO 63044
(314) 984-7777

Life is all about growing and expanding your horizons. St. Louis Community College offers prospective adult students a huge selection of interesting topics to explore, not the least of which is music. And because it has networked with facilities across the region, it has never been more convenient for you to find a place to study any number of wonderful musical delights. With tuition ranging between $24 and $89, the price is right, too. Musical personal enrichment is only a phone call away. Sign up today.

St. Louis Academy For Guitar
10094 Manchester Road
Glendale, MO 63112
(314) 602-8460

The guitar is a beautiful instrument and is a popular choice for many likely musicians. At the St. Louis Academy for Guitar, it’s easy to pursue your dreams of making guitar music magic. Try private lessons at $85 per month for 30-minute, weekly lessons. Learning with a group of like-minded guitar lovers could be fun. Sign up for an eight-week session for the economical price of $130 and get all of the basics of guitar mastery. Either way you choose, your life will be, no doubt, richer for the experience.

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