Tianjin Dumpling House

Row 1

41-28 Main St
Flushing, NY 11355
(212) 518-3265
Dumplings, Chinese
Mon–Thu, Sun: 10:00 AM–9:15 PM Fri–Sat: 10:00 AM–9:30 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Home to some of the most unique dumplings in the city. Excellent vegetarian dumplings filled with garlic chives and egg; lamb and green squash are a must. In the Golden Shopping Mall basement.
  • There's one terrific woman who works there and is the only one that speaks English. Highly recommend my usual order, which is the chives, shrimp, egg dumplings. It's a steal at $3 for a plate of 12!!!
  • Lamb and green squash dumplings FTW.
  • Right next to Xi'an Famous Foods downstairs at Golden Mall
  • Pork and cabbage dumplings or customize your own! A small adventure finding the place, fun. :)
  • once you've tasted the sea bass dumplings, as well as the famous lamb & squash (both, exercises in textural perfection and flavor balance), you will understand a deep truth about the joy of existence.
  • Combine all the sauces togethervinegar, chili flake sauce (not too much oil), garlic, and chili oil from the squeeze bottle. Yum!
  • These are the freshest dumplings we've ever tasted! We loved the pork, chive, and egg, as well as the chicken and broccoli!
  • Beef and turnip. That's whatsup.
  • Tianjin have completely redesigned their once 'too basic' menu w/ some realllly attractive dishes. The pork dumplings w/ pickled vegetables stand tall, even beside Biang's spicy & sour lamp dumplings.
  • The lamb and squash dumplings are simply unbeatable, but any of the other dumpling flavors are worthy.
  • Northeast (dongbei) dumplings are the comfort food to get here. Sit and eat as the proprietors make trayfuls more by hand. The bean curd, vegetable, and peanut salads are also refreshingly great.
  • Their chili oil may look spicy but it isnt!
  • You obvi come here for dumplings. I played it safe & got the pork & cabbage ones. These are juicy, succulent & have a great filling to dough ratio!
  • Enjoy the steamed dumplings as long as it is in this authentic location
  • Vegetarian friendly! They have vegetarian dumplings!
  • Love to get my frozen dumplings from here.
  • Lamb and squash pan fried dumplings
  • Best veggie dumplings hands down
  • Hands down best veggie dumplings of my life!