Thunder Falls Terrace

$ $
Jurassic Park (Islands of Adventure)
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 363-8000


  • Come for the food, stay for the view!
  • Best place to eat; large meals you can split between two people for ten bucks.
  • One meal feeds three people..good food!
  • My new favorite place to eat, dinner and a show
  • I can't believe they don't serve Jello!
  • Sit at the tables by the window and overlook the Jurrasiac River Adventure to stay dry while they ride. Split the meal with a friend, one is enough for two people.
  • Skip it. Yuck.
  • The roasted corn is very good. Add mayo, salt & pepper. Mmmm!! (if only they had Parmesan cheese too)
  • The yellow rice is delicious, and their is a generous portion even though it is a side.
  • Comfortable seating, good food, not crowded.
  • Amazing ribs and so much! More foodie tips & pics at
  • RIBS!! <3 Amazing Ribs. Mac and Cheese horrible.
  • Ribs and corn were good!
  • Nice escape from the heat. Look for the secret back entrance adjacent to the lagoon.
  • The best rotisserie chicken ever!! Portion sizes are huge!!
  • Always full
  • Se nota mucho que este no es Disney y sus empleados amables... Psimo servicio de algunos empleados del restaurante
  • Love the rotisserie chicken salad - fresh greens, jicama, cranberries, oranges and pecans.
  • My fav place to eat at IOA. Chicken & Ribs & 2 sides for $15. You'd pay that for a burger and fries at Dino Digs. Great value
  • What I lost waiting in line was made up by the food and the view! The food was great! The roasted potatoes were out of this world. The Dining Plan also payed off as the meal and drink were $18 alone.

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