Big Box Store, Department Store
1154 S Clark St (at W Roosevelt Rd)
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 212-6300
8:00am - 11:00pm
8:00am - 11:00pm
8:00am - 11:00pm
8:00am - 11:00pm
8:00am - 11:00pm
8:00am - 11:00pm
8:00am - 10:00pm


  • I always park all the way at the top near the entrance so as to get in and out. Eff an elevator! I don't get those of you who tunnel through the garage... :-)
  • Always check out the last endcap in electronics, they usually have sweet deals on games
  • Huge Target for being in the city. open till 11p, always a plus!
  • Yeah eff elevators just park on the roof!
  • Park on the bottom level. It is rarely packed. Take the stairs up for exercise.
  • park on the 1st floor for the easiest parking, and take the stairs.
  • Enclosed and open rooftop parking, amazing view of city.
  • Instead of tryin to park on the 2nd and 3rd levels parking is always plenty on the first level!!
  • Parking on weekends = death
  • I never go to this Target and just get what I need. It is so flippin' big that you just feel the need to see everything and instead of the basket that you picked up you end up pushing out a cart!
  • Park at the top...don't bother parking anywhere else or using the elevator
  • Ali, Micah and others in the pharmacy are highly personal and friendly. Know you by sight with great memory recall of your personal needs. Competitive prices! All around wonderful!
  • Do i really need to tell u? along the edges the clearance is all around the store
  • Never park on the lower level on the far side of the elevators.
  • Biggest and delicious grapes
  • I find that their grocery prices are often less than sale prices at grocery stores, and the selection is pretty solid. Liquor/wine/beer selection could use some work but you can't have it all.
  • STILL unfixed (5+ months) giant crack along the crosswalk to the parking garage just north of the building. I rolled my ankle and crushed my 5th metatarsal avulsion in two places. Dangerous!!!
  • Best tip for parking is to use ground floor
  • I like the shopping cart escalator
  • Rudest employees, every single time.

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