Tanner Springs Park

Row 1

Foursquare Tips

  • The coolest thing in urban nature.
  • There's a geocache hidden here.
  • The cutest duck couple lives here!
  • Another great park to just relax and enjoy the Pearl District. Seconds to Waterfront Pearl-
  • We live this park!
  • Apparently this is the place to sunbathe on warm, sunny days!
  • There were hundreds of huge dragonflies all over the place. Late summer is an amazing time to watch them play.
  • Wayyyy expensive to build this for what it is, but good urbanism ideas to think about
  • Dogs aren't allowed , sign says don't let them drink the water :( my dog did I'm still waiting for the "unintended consequences" as the sign says ..(didn't see the sign till after it was too late)
  • Urban park for chilling.
  • Urban but peaceful. Love the contrast.
  • No dogs allowed
  • No dogs allowed
  • Look for the turtle!
  • Great blue heron spotted!
  • Portland is blessed with many city parks of all sizes. This one is only a city block, but remains a personal favorite with its water feature, bridge view and urban wildlife.
  • Great spot for photo shoots