Talon: The Grip of Fear

Theme Park
at Dorney Park
Allentown, PA 18104


  • Love it, one of my favorite coasters there.
  • Coolest ride in the park!!
  • Same thing as batman in great adventure in NJ
  • The front is the best!
  • A lot like the Raptor at Cedar Pointe... Makes sense since they're owned by the same company!
  • ... it's actually nothing like Batman The Ride at Six Flags in NJ other than the fact that they're both inverted...
  • Great ride
  • Its so fun and you feel like you're flying.
  • This inverted coaster stands out as the best at Dorney Park and also as my favorite inverted coaster... Smooth and lots of fun... Excellent B&M inverted...
  • Really fun roller coaster. Love the twists and turns. It's better than the Hydra.
  • One of the best B&M inverts I've ever ridden. Box sections are filled with sand which makes for a quiet and smooth ride.

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