Sushi Sasabune

Row 1

1417 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 947-3800

Foursquare Tips

  • Trust the chef! Totally worth the delicious adventure. Eat until your full.
  • Try the omakase. The only one I didn't like from the set was the ebi with the fermented shrimp paste on top. Get the red bean ice cream for dessert!
  • This is omakase for the masses. So, set your expectations before coming here.
  • When or if they tell you to get off your phone, take it like the sushi and just TRUST THEM!~ because you just might end up embarrassing your family...
  • Best sushi restaurant on the island! Only way to go is the omakase at the bar. Don't ask questions!
  • Go for the omakase.
  • The food keeps coming so ask them t stop when full!!
  • Chef's Special
  • Omakase + magnum sake
  • you'll be unbelievably full after the omakase, but it's so good and worth it!!
  • Best omakase i have ever had
  • Best sushi I've ever eaten.
  • You're in very good hands. Listen to the explanations, enjoy all the treats from the sea, and sit at the bar and get to know your neighbors. A great night all around.
  • 13 courses of heaven but watch your manners here, it's very formal and you must show respect. Expensive but worth the experience if you have the means.
  • Eat until you're full and go in with an open mind. The raw dishes were better than the cooked when we went, but you never get the same thing twice.
  • Their western Omakase is amazing.... Ask for Uni on the side, is pretty good.
  • Best omakase
  • Fantastic omakase! Definitely get a seat at the bar.
  • Fans fly from the mainland to eat here. It's omakase-style: Obey the chef and eat what's served, in the way you are instructed. The nearly translucent slices of yellowfin tuna are sublime.
  • If you're Asian and prefer fish vs. shellfish, ask for the Western style omakase otherwise they might give you the Eastern style automagically.