Summer Lovin’ @Triptease Style

Summer Lovin’ @Triptease Style

I’ve loved summer as long as I can remember. As a kid it meant fresh-cut grass, days that seemed to last forever, the ice cream truck, and most importantly—no school! As an adult, summer hasn’t lost any of its appeal. During my teaching years, it meant frozen beverages on the patio, girlfriend trips to sunny locales, and most importantly—no school!

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I’m no longer a kid or a teacher, but my life, strangely enough, is still ruled by the school calendar. Memorial Day signals the start of summer and Labor Day the end. And even though I essentially travel and write for a living, I still find myself planning summer vacations. When I had subscriptions to Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure, I found myself flipping through page after page of dream destinations. I unrealistically plotted to tick each item off of my to-do list in three months, round-the-world adventures. Each spring I became Walter Mitty forgoing reality and getting lost in my summer planning wanderlust.

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These days my wanderlust isn’t limited to simply summer; it’s infiltrated all four seasons. I no longer take the glossy travel magazines, but instead derive my inspiration from cyberspace—blogs, digital magazines, and my obsession de jour, Triptease.

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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you’ve probably picked up on my slight obsession with the latest and greatest in travel reviews known as Triptease. I met the guys behind the company last fall in Spain when the site was basically in its infancy. They convinced me {although it didn’t take much} to test it out and I’ve been Tripteasing ever since. Even when I’m not creating my own hotel, restaurant, or activity Tripteases, I find myself sifting through beautiful review after beautiful review. It sucks me in like Pinterest.

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Arriving far too early to Toronto’s Pearson Airport on Monday {thanks, Global Entry}, I found myself in the Air Canada lounge slurping on tasteless soup and sifting through the latest Triptease reviews. Decidedly more appealing than the pita chips and hummus, the delicious-looking photos whet my appetite for some summer adventure. I quickly slipped into Walter Mitty mode. So like the junkie I am, I chose my ultimate summer destinations for 2013.

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Will I find myself snorkeling in the Seychelles or glamping in Kenya? Maybe I’ll finally make it to Sydney this summer. Greece and its idyllic blue waters may lure me in. St. Bart’s and the Caribbean have long captured my imagination. Las Vegas and Paris are standards that remain some of my favorite locales. I’ll consider myself fortunate to get to one of these dream destinations in the next three months. But even if my passport isn’t filled with these fabulous stamps, I can still visit them by flipping through the beautiful Triptease reviews.

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I genuinely adore Triptease and in no way am I being compensated by the company. The guys did buy me a drink the last time I was in London, but that doesn’t really count, does it? Sign up for your own Triptease account and make sure to follow me. Check out the latest on Triptease from the Wall Street Journal. Let me know what you think!


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