Student Recreation & Wellness Center

Gym, Pool, Rec Center
382 Carroll St (at The University of Akron)
Akron, OH 44325
(330) 972-2348


  • People are mean here....
  • People here have no gym etiquette learn to re rack your shit. Also the decline press is not a sit up machine and you don't need to stand on top of the dumbbell racks to see yourself do curls.
  • I have a lot of respect for the people working out but please if ur the size of a house don't wear booty shorts..thanks :)
  • Wipe off the equipment when your done. Losers.
  • Don't look at the guys dead lifting hundreds of pounds. If you do. They'll eat you.
  • Enjoy your workout. Do what works for you. Have a suggestion for campus? Let your Undergraduate Student Government know. Student Union 133.
  • None of these tips are even tips. Just a bunch of insecure losers trying to look cool.. Here's a tip for you guys, shut up.
  • Parking is a joke*
  • So many inexperienced tools lifting here.
  • Don't get a smoothie from the rockwall cafe, SO BAD FOR YOU. (Atleast the healthy shakes are.)
  • Hit the rec, put your headphones on, stay focused and forget about distractions, gain some weight (muscles), build your strength and you'll love every bit of it.
  • FYI, deodorant is NOT optional
  • Whoever designed this place obviously doesn't care about parking.
  • Seems like everyone has to do chest every day bc they are never any benches open
  • There are always way many damn people here
  • Not motorcycle friendly in the parking lot.
  • Parking is a home after 4 pm
  • Try out the free classes that are offered!
  • Stay off the benches unless you're wearing a Tapout shirt.
  • Rock wall is the best work out

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