The Stagecoach

Steakhouse, Building, American
3132 W Chinden Blvd (at 32nd St.)
Garden City, ID 83714
(208) 331-0336



  • The pie is ridiculously great. Chocolate or banana? Go with a group and have both!
  • Try their Prawns! Cheap Drinks, great food!
  • What a great restaurant with a lot of Boise history. I will keep this mayorship till they re open and hopefully it will be soon
  • This place has been here Longer than any other steak house in Boise. Great food and menu.
  • Gotta try this place. Great food. I will be back for seconds
  • These guys have the best banana cream pie. Ever! Even if you're not a fan of banana cream, give it a chance. It will blow your mind.
  • Don't leave without a piece of banana cream pie.
  • The prime rib is the answer!
  • Beware: All work and no play makes Jen grumpy!
  • This Saturday for the BSU game the Stagecoach has a fun bus to and from the game for only $5 what a deal! Call 331-0336 and sign up!
  • You can get the racing program for Les Bois Park here at the coach a day early now!
  • Crab salad is made with real crab and is great
  • Their prawns are to die for. Seriously! They definitely live up to their "Famous Prawns" tag. The atmosphere is also nice and dark.