Sponge Bob Square Pants Rock Bottom Plunge

Theme Park


  • Height Requirement: 48" Points: 6 This coaster lifts you up toward the surface, then turns you head over heels with intense loops, spirals and 90-degree turns.
  • Wait to get a seat at the front of the coaster. It's worth it!!
  • Concussion alert!
  • Intense ride. :)
  • Awesome ride!!
  • This is a fun roller coaster, that first drop and the loop is a blast! It packs a lot of thrills and is a great addition to the mall theme park. Definitely worth the wait.
  • Just do it! You will be sorry if you don't go once, and then you will want to go again and again! It's not as bad as it looks!
  • This coaster isn't kidding around. Look at that first drop!
  • Awesome ride! I live next to a Six Flags and this roller coaster beats out many others.
  • Neck breaker, prepare for upsides down action!
  • If the little kids can do it so can you
  • Camera is at the bottom of the loop immediately after initial drop. Put on your best metal face.

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