Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

Row 1

96 Chambers St
New York, NY 10007
(212) 608-9900
Mon–Fri: 8:00 AM–6:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Roast pork sandwich is totally boss!
  • Delivery is cheap, well worth it on a rainy or super cold day.
  • Seriosly, that green sauce is the best stuff ever...and now they sell it by the jar!
  • Lunch combo special - sandwich two sides and a drink 8$
  • Roast Pork w/ a Twist sandwich is to die for, really to die for! Ha!
  • Green Sauce on everything. All the time.
  • Pernil with a twist. I get it every time. It's that good.
  • Spicy chicken, rice & beans and a side order of fried plantains. Your mouth will love you.
  • I'm pretty sure they've laced the green sauce with crack! Word to my mother son i put that ish on everything! Only thing left is for me to snort it up my nose with a straw!
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  • This Cuban eatery serves heaping portions of meat - such as spicy grilled chicken or fried pork chunks - with beans and rice or plantains on the side.
  • Breaded xhixken
  • The baked chicken is tasty, secret green sauce is great, always ask for more
  • Can't go wrong with the Cubano...Don't forget the GREEN sauce!
  • One of my favorite places to order lunch from, love the plantains.
  • I love this spot! Sophie's has the best grilled chicken sandwhices,rice and beans and pernil.Heck all their dishes are good if u like spanish food <3
  • Its all about the GREEN sauce
  • Cuban sandwich is excellent. No sitting space. Line moves quickly. Authentic cuisine.
  • Delicious homemade Cuban Food.
  • Looks a bit grim but the food was super tasty.