Skull Mountain

Theme Park
Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ 08514


  • If there is no one in line they will let you keep riding it without getting off
  • Its incredibly short, very little strobes and weak turns. Waste of time.
  • This ride is not the same as they used to be! Used to have crazy lights & noises and a lot of characters all over. It's still running, it's a good ride for a short line or other else, don't go on it.
  • One of the more disappointing indoor roller coasters
  • If you're reading this, you're contemplating riding it. Stop while you're ahead. Waste of time!
  • If it rains and they close all the outdoor coasters, at least this one is still running!
  • This ride stinks
  • Don't wear your sun glasses because it's dark inside
  • One of the more disappointing rides. The ride is short and it's not that exciting. It's suppose to be pitch black inside but it's not.
  • Just OK. Very silly at the end. Ride when you're bored. And go any time other than summer; a ride attendant gave me a hard time about a rule other rides don't enforce. I think he was overwhelmed.
  • Not worth waiting in line but a good way to get out of the sun for a few minutes.
  • Nothing just waiting on line.
  • Easy introduction roller coaster for the kids. Oh it's in the dark.
  • Nice easy going indoor roller coaster. Great for younger kids who can't get on big coaster's yet..
  • Always ride the back seat when possible!
  • Dark Knight is better than this one.
  • Back row only!
  • Count the Takis ads on line
  • Hang on tight
  • As they all say, it's a tame, childish ride..

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