SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas

Movie Theater, Cineplex
4700 Kingsway (in Metropolis at Metrotown)
Burnaby, BC V5H 4M1
(604) 435-1999


  • Go for AVX for a great movie experience!
  • D-box seats for an $8 add on are not worth it.
  • Tuesday half price update: Movie are now $6.99 (incl tax) on Tuesday. Add $3 more for 3D movies or AVX.
  • assigned seating option + ultraAVX!
  • Pay the extra cost to see your movie in the UltraAVX theatre. The screen, sound, and seats are a genuine step up, and being able to select and reserve your seats in advance is fantastic.
  • It's a great theatre, not as good as silver city but works since its in Metrotown.
  • ()(^_^;)
  • Come early on Tuesdays.
  • Turn off your damn phone before the movie starts!
  • Sorry for that smell in the washroom, that popcorn goes straight thru me.
  • Get the tix online before coming, print them and come an hour before ur movie on tuesday, to avoid line ups and crappy seats
  • The state of the washrooms is pathetic. Need a biohazard suit before entering
  • Pizza is expensive!
  • Tuesday movies !
  • see a tuesday matinee to get a free pop & popcorn.
  • Very good movie theatre with reserved seating.
  • its a nice up high resorted area
  • Too many of the ticket kiosks weren't working properly.
  • Don't get the prepackaged poptopia kettle/caramel corn. They're stale like it's been sitting around for a week.
  • Discount on Tuesdays. Go for AVX !

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