Shia LaBeouf Wants You to Call Him Right Now and Touch His Soul

From by Mila Pantovich
Shia LaBeouf Wants You to Call Him Right Now and Touch His Soul

If you have any burning questions for Shia LaBeouf, now is your chance to call him up and ask. As part of an art exhibit called Follow at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool, LaBeouf and two collaborators (Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner) are taking calls between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. GMT for their #TOUCHMYSOUL project. 

Known now for his art installations more than his acting, LaBeouf most recently finished #AllMyMovies, in which he sat in a public movie theater and watched all of his films in reverse chronological order. And who can forget when he showed up on the red carpet wearing a paper bag reading “I Am Not Famous Anymore”?

Shia LaBeouf, #touchmysoulPhoto Credit: FACT

Similar to his movie stunt, #TOUCHMYSOUL is livestreamed without any audio and open to visitors for free. Via its name, the project is asking people to call in and touch their souls, so if you have any amazing stories or hard-earned life lessons, you should probably call in and share them. If you’re wondering why the trio are on computers, it’s because they seem to be updating the website live with snippets from their conversations.

Call +44 (0)151 808 0771 for your chance to chat with LaBeouf. #TOUCHMYSOUL will be ending on December 13, but Follow doesn’t close until February 21, 2016.