Seven Awesome Food Organizations in Pennsylvania

Seven Awesome Food Organizations in Pennsylvania

Launched by Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation, the first annual Good Food Org Guide identifies and celebrates more than five hundred United States-based groups who are cultivating a better food system, including these seven from Pennsylvania:

The Food Trust

The Food Trust works with neighborhoods, schools, grocers, farmers, and policymakers to improve food access in Philadelphia, PA. The Trust’s mission is to ensure that all community members have access to affordable and nutritious food.

Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger

Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger uses education, policy, and outreach to combat hunger in Philadelphia, PA. The Coalition runs programs that help those in need find assistance, supports 150 local food banks, and uses the Coalition’s data and experiences to advocate for city policies that address hunger-related issues.

Greensgrow Farms

Greensgrow Farms is a nationally recognized urban farming project in Philadelphia, PA. Greensgrow Farms boasts a farm stand, community kitchen, community supported agriculture (CSA), and its Mobile Markets program, which brings fresh local produce into lower-income regions of the city.

Grow Pittsburgh

Grow Pittsburgh was formed in 2005 by three urban farmers in Pittsburgh, PA. A small nonprofit, Grow Pittsburgh teaches communities to farm, manages urban farms, and supports community gardens.

Hunger-Free Pennsylvania

Hunger-Free Pennsylvania (HFPA) has spent the past 25 years connecting food banks across Pennsylvania and working to find excess food. HFPA now also advocates for policies that prevent hunger in the Commonwealth and represents 21 member food banks in all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) is America’s largest statewide member-based sustainable farming organization. PASA provides a platform for farmers to learn from one another and build relationships with consumers hoping to find local and sustainable agriculture in Pennsylvania.

Springboard Kitchens

Pennsylvania has seven top organizations named in the James Beard Foundation and Food Tank’s just-released 2014 Good Food Org Guide.Springboard Kitchens is an organization in Pittsburgh, PA that solves two common food problems in one. The organization rescues up to 10,000 pounds of perishable food that food banks cannot use and uses the food to train others on how to build a meal from scratch.