Seven Awesome Food Organizations in Minnesota

Seven Awesome Food Organizations in Minnesota

Launched by Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation, the first annual Good Food Org Guide identifies and celebrates more than five hundred United States-based groups who are cultivating a better food system, including these seven from Minnesota.

Gardening Matters

Gardening Matters is an organization based in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN that promotes community gardening across the Twin Cities. Gardening Matters provides training and resources to local gardeners, and educates the public on the importance of local gardening through events and a monthly newsletter.

Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council

Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council is a city-wide initiative that brings together partners from local government, businesses, community organizations, with help from local residents, to support and develop a local food system that emphasizes the sustainable growth, processing, and distribution of locally-grown food. The council has identified several working groups and task forces that include land access, local food distribution, organic production and composting, and community outreach.

Midwest Food Connection

Midwest Food Connection was originally founded in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, and strives to educate children about the benefits of eating locally-grown foods. The Midwest Food Connection sends educators into classrooms throughout the Twin Cities, teaching children about healthy foods and sustainable agriculture.

Minnesota Food Association

Minnesota Food Association strives toward a sustainable food system by fostering the growth of sustainable food producers, and improving the connection between producers and markets. The Association has provided training to immigrant farmers, and is marketed directly to consumers through retail outlets and a community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture works with the University of Minnesota and the nonprofit collaborative The Sustainers’ Coalition to design a system of sustainable agriculture. The organization unites the goals of the agricultural community to develop and promote sustainable agricultural ideas.

Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota

Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota is an organization that supports the development of effective farming systems through networking and innovation. Its goals include educating farmers, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and informing consumers about making healthy food choices.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis brings cooking classes, catering, meal services, food products, jobs, and job training to St. Paul, MN. The Oasis is a place where people can go to experience a whole, healthy food system, from seed to table and back to the soil.

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