Selma's Chicago Pizzeria & Taproom

Pizza, Italian, Brewery
27702 Crown Valley Pkwy.
Ladera Ranch, CA 92692


  • @ Leann, thank you but don't worry about it. I was just in there and these poor lades stood at the front for 5 minutes, no one greeted them and told them they had to order in the back.
  • Love the cheese bread and deep dish pizza
  • Try our new Calamari App!
  • This place is the real deal for pizza and suds.
  • Great beer in tap. And Brittany and Lexi are the best beer tenders.
  • Get there before 6pm if you want good service. They tend to get busy and forget about you, perpetuating the wait issue. Food is always great though.
  • The Triple-Layered Baked Ziti is the best $10 you'll spend on pasta this week.
  • Awesome beer selection
  • Works deep dish pizza + a pint of their hef = happiness. I'll get it Chicago style next time!
  • The gluten free pizza is the best!
  • @Gigi I have let the manages on duty know about that issue and they will be on our staff to greet and welcome customers. Thanks for letting us know!
  • @ Leann, when the ladies were told to come to the back no one offered them a menu which I gladly gave them, they ended up walking out.
  • @Gigi I am so sorry about your salad! I would be dissappointed also. I would love to give you a credit for next time so you can give us a second chance!
  • Gaining on you TIM!
  • First time here and my salad had a lot brown lettuce and my avocado was brown too. Disappointed.
  • Buffalo Wing pizza is the best!

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