Seafood City

Row 1

3890 S Maryland Pkwy (Flamingo)
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Foursquare Tips

  • Feels like i'm in the philippines :)
  • Lots of food for asian dishes. And if you're looking to find a filipina for a wife, cheaper than flying overseas.
  • I come for baby colognes and for their packaged Nori. Nori is seaweed that is flavored or toasted and if you add it to your meals it will help your body stop absorbing fat from the food you eat!
  • Have ur fish cooked
  • Fiesta noodles = palabok!
  • This store is really for Filipinos! a lot of great finds, esp if you miss Filipino products!
  • Filipino foodcourt.
  • Buko Pandan Boba and the Dumplings.
  • Getting tired of Mcdonalds? Or perhaps you want to try something different than Panda Express? Try Seafood City's Jollibee and Chowking. Also there's a grocery inside! Whaaat?!
  • Fresh fish & vegetables plus filipino condiments.
  • you should eat dead fish, fried twice a week,I love this market, is my favorite,everything here is aphrodisiac,Asian women are the better in bed.
  • Niceeeee place
  • Feels like being in P.I.
  • Filipino products galore
  • Anything Filipino is right here.
  • With Bruce!
  • Mango Sunflower crackers is my all time paborito.
  • This place is like visiting a foreign port. Filipino food and women everywhere.
  • Getting my "pinoy" on.. Ha!