Schnitzel that will Knock your Socks off – Schnitz

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Schnitzel that will Knock your Socks off – Schnitz

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The East Village—despite decades of the area being gentrified, restaurants, indie record stores and grungy watering holes still fight to preserve the neighborhood’s radical edge. Several glorified spots are no longer there, but there’s a new joint with the potential to imprint its name in the concrete of the East Village for years to come. This place is called Schnitz; and they’re quietly serving up some badass schnitzel.

You’re at a schnitzel joint, so you’re going to get schnitzel. For those of you that didn’t get the memo, schnitzel is a thin cutlet, dipped in crunchy breadcrumbs and fried to golden, delicious perfection.​

You don’t necessarily have to get chicken schnitzel (although it’s mouthwatering AF) from here, but rather, we’re going to push you in the direction of a special they have going on for limited time. It’s called “The MBF”, which is actually short for Mario Batali Foundation. In teaming up with the big man himself, Mario B., Schnitz created a sandwich that takes schnitzel to a whole new level. “The MBF” has Italian sweet fennel sausage schnitzel, asiago, caramelized fennel, pickled cipollini, and sweet balsamic aioli. Ladies and gentleman, this sandwich is lights out.

This is a quaint corner spot in the heart of the East Village. Seating is limited and the line builds up, so be sure to get there before (or after) the lunch or dinner rush.

The food is made fresh upon ordering so it will take approx. 10 minutes to get your grub. As a suggestion from seasoned veterans – grab yourself a cold brew and chill by the window to people-watch. You’ll have that glorious schnitzel in your hands in no time.

Schnitz = #noBSfood

Chicken schnitzel w/ egg
What goes into the MBF