San Jose McEnery Convention Center

Convention Center
150 W San Carlos St (btwn Almaden & S Market)
San Jose, CA 95113
(800) 726-5673


  • During conventions (i.e. Fanime), I don't recommend getting at-con food. Go out into the city (if it's daytime) to find more bite for your buck.
  • After attending Fanime, don't forget to submit a link to your convention report to!
  • From Fanime Conventions to Auto Shows & High-Tech Networking Conferences, the center (which is undergoing a massive expansion & renovation) is a diverse/flexible facility & an industry leader!
  • Meetings are borring.......zzzzz.......zzzzz
  • We enjoyed our hardhat tour of the 35,000 square foot ballroom, and are looking forward to presenting the first keynotes there.
  • Wear a sweater! Chilly in here
  • dont sit or stop at a place more than 5 mins, just move on
  • Coffee is ok, offsite coffee is a few blocks away (Starbucks). Not too bad if the weather is good.
  • Take lots of notes. Great information in each session!
  • I know this is a prime spot for cosplay photoshoots (not just during Fanime). With that said, don't go into the building if there isn't a convention going on--you may get in trouble.
  • Dont Remind anyone during May here about THE GAME D:
  • Huge place!
  • Awesome convention center. Has had upgrades. I go here for Fanime Con.
  • Bathrooms are in a different county (or just feels that way) Wear walking shoes!
  • Talk with the exhibitors - they are filled with good information and can really help you with your home project.
  • Grab a drink @ Tanq in the Marriott before or after any event.
  • Bathrooms with changing tables can be found on the lowest level
  • Went here for WWDC. Spacious place. Several places to grab food and coffee nearby.
  • If people point you to the blue tent. It is hidden on the other side of the convention center's entrance. It's huuuuggggeeee

Nearby places

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