Row 1

1100 4th St SW, Ste 150
Washington, DC 20024
(202) 554-9155
Grocery Store, Supermarket
Mon–Sun: 5:00 AM–Midnight

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Foursquare Tips

  • At first glance this looks like a pretty good Safeway. Then you try to function inside and there are alot of questions and frustrations. Shows a poorly managed store.
  • Worse deli time EVER... VERY INEFFICIENT.
  • They are no longer checking receipts at the door.
  • If you're looking for anything organic fresh produce, don't even try here. Horrible produce, shelves empty, lettuce dried out. Gross!
  • True story. Tons of cops. Always think you are trying to steal.
  • The bakery here is much much better than you would think a grocery store bakery is. The bagels, foccacia, and rolls are all delicious, as are the cupcakes and pastries.
  • I've always been scared to buy salad bar & go to a clerk as I thought they'd pack it carelessly. Alas, they truly care to keep it upright. Nice job!
  • The sandwich station is slow as shit. Budget a minimum of 20 minutes if you would like a cold sandwich. Not nearly enough staffers.
  • This is my fav grocery store and they have an awesome wine collection!
  • There was a hot girl in an Italian Stallion t-shirt. I wasn't even mad when the deli messed up my sandwich. Again.
  • Signature Cafe lunches are cheap and good!
  • Simply the best Safeway ever. They have a sushi bar, Starbucks and extensive sandwich shop
  • Don't even bother trying to order from the deli. There's never anyone back there and if they are there, they ignore you.
  • Wow. It WAS possible for Southwest to get more gentrified. I miss the old Safeway. It felt like an actual neighborhood supermarket, because it was.
  • Don't steal!!!! They check every package on the receipt. New store, and the locals are still not trusted
  • This Safeway rocks now! I won't shop anywhere else.
  • They're checking receipts now so be prepared!
  • Make sure you check out the weekly circular...this Safeway has awesome sales!
  • A great improvement from the old safeway at Waterside.
  • Lines moves pretty fast