Grocery Store, Supermarket
4732 Brooklyn Ave NE (at NE 50th St.)
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 522-4565
6:00am - 1:00am
6:00am - 1:00am
6:00am - 1:00am
6:00am - 1:00am
6:00am - 1:00am
6:00am - 1:00am
6:00am - 1:00am


  • Real change? Have a great day madam. Have a great day sir. :) ...A good paper for a good cause.
  • More like unSafeway...
  • Horrible selections.
  • Basically a place for college kids to buy booze. Their store is poorly laid out and extremely poorly stocked.
  • Booger on the touch screen at the self check-out. Mmmmmmm...
  • Don't forget to tip the occasional outdoor entertainment. ;)
  • Incredibly expensive, in a sketchy area with homeless people always sitting outside... vegetables with bugs on them and incredibly expensive.
  • The parking lot is certainly interesting.
  • Good place to shop
  • This Safeway is my personal nightmare.
  • Basically the worst grocery store on the planet. You have to muscle past bums to get in. The meat is usually an odd gray color. Using the self check out actually takes longer. Food is expired.
  • Sketchway?
  • Funny tags around the store.
  • Make sure to check expiration dates. They are bad at replacing stock.
  • Their customer service desk is useless. Don't even bother. Go to the bank instead.
  • Holy cow. No cream soda at all in entire store. Poop around it.
  • Avoid at all costs around midnight on a Saturday. You will be here for nearly an hour.
  • Get to the U District Safeway before 4:30 to have a decent chance of getting one of the chicken breast value packs. They run out extremely quickly!

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