Saeng Arun Thai Restaurant

159 Briggate
Leeds, LS1 6LY


  • Som Tum (S1 or S18 as a set) is a must try but be careful the chef is very generous on the amount of chili so be sure to tell the waiter if you can't handle too much spicy food!
  • Beyond beverage - skip the usual soda, why don't you try Thai Iced Tea with milk or Thai iced coffee with milk (2.95) or Red syrup with lime juice (2.95).
  • Hoy Tod is one of the dish you should try. It is one of Thailands favourite street food. If you love mussels, you shouldn't miss out!
  • Dilicious Thai food. Try Somtum yai arun, gang phed ped yang and pad-thai korat
  • Great food, large servings, reasonable prices, husband and wife operation, free wifi.
  • Garbing your BT phonebook to find a 10% discount voucher. Then come and dine here. If you like spicy food I will recommend S14 prawns hot and sour Thai style.
  • Find a 10% discount voucher in your BT phonebook and come to dine here. I recommended S18 som tum set.