Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

Theme Park, Entertainment
Mickey's Toontown (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802


  • The line is longer than it looks but one of the best themed queues in the park. Instead of griping over how long the line is, pay attention to the amazing detail! This queue cost 2 million.
  • Deceptively long line, if you can see the line at the front entrance, it will be about a 40 min + wait.
  • Don't go on it. Seriously. Just do not go. Not worth it
  • Get a Fast Pass, especially if you have kids with you. The wait if there's a line is torture even for adults.
  • Tell the CM Adrien to not steal sunglasses!
  • Get a FastPass. This ride is not worth waiting 60 minutes.
  • The attraction was originally intended to be a two story ride. If you look at the second story from outside the building you can definitely see doors and space to accommodate the ride vehicles.
  • 4 year old fell out of a car and was dragged underneath thanks to faulty lap bar and his mom not paying attention. The child never recovered from his injuries and he died nine years later.
  • Make sure kids are awake and are able to sit up on the seat by themselves. They don't allow lap-sitting and it's a jerky ride.
  • I like the ride, but it was a long,long, long, long, long, long wait in line. Whew!
  • Try to do fast pass if possible. Line seems short but is normally longer.
  • This line is deceptively long. It winds through a long but interesting queue.
  • Get the fast pass and save yourself an hour
  • Not that fun if it breaks down.
  • The Roger Rabbit ride is a gem - kids may not know who he is anymore but theyll love the ride anyway!
  • There may not appear to be a long wit but the line weaves for a good bit inside. Definite fast pass
  • La recreacion de las casitas de los cartoons
  • Try to make your ride partner get queasy by spinning really fast. Change direction intermittently
  • I love Rodger rabbit this is awesome
  • Attention l'univers est bien reconstitu mais a peut faire peur aux petits.

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