Taco Mondo

Food Truck, Tacos
Philadelphia, PA 19104


  • This is one of my favorite taco trucks. They do have vegetarian and vegan options not on the menu
  • Korean ChX Taco.
  • The chorizo tacos are amazing!! Not a fan of the BBQ chicken empanadas.
  • The pork tacos are delicious!
  • The Korean fried chicken tacos and the pork tacos reign supreme here. Didn't love the BBQ brisket tacos-way too much meat and too sweet for me!
  • While its sister truck, Street Food Philly, accepts credit/debit cards, Taco Mondo does NOT accept them. Yet (where yet = as of April 29, 2013).
  • A new taco truck from Street Food Philly. Its grand opening at Drexel was April 29th, 2013.