Sunshines Bar & Grill

$ $
Pinneys Beach
Charlestown, Saint Kitts & Nevis


  • Drink your Carib quickly otherwise it will be 84 degrees of warm piss
  • The shrimp has been really good all week.
  • Amazing place. Pinkie and staff take SUCH good care of you. The food is INCREDIBLE and made to order. The only downside? flies. Lots of them while you eat. PS. Have a killer bee for me :)
  • Try the lobster salad & a Caribe!
  • Killer bee, lobster and fresh fish
  • Had the couch in butter sauce and trust me it's the best conch I ever had so soft and juicy with the rice and peas and veggies oh gosh yummmmyyyyy
  • No more than 2 killer bees per guest or u may not find your way back to the four seasons.
  • Totally screwed us and charged us each $10 for their infamous drink the "killer bee" when they should have been $5 each.
  • Great lobster salads.
  • It's the place to
  • Try the Killer Bee, of course.
  • Famous for the Killer Bee drink (it supposedly stings), Sunshines is a great, casual place to just hang out, get some sun, drink, and have a bite. Diners can sit in couches under a canopy.
  • The shrimp salad had been my go to meal for lunch. Of course with a Killer Bee to wash it down.
  • Order a Killer Bee, and perhaps a refreshing Ting. The Mahi-Mahi is delicious, and so is the grilled eggplant. Sunshine sure knows how to cook up a storm.
  • Ask Sunshine for everything that comes off the grill. Should be $35 for lobster, ribs, chicken and fish.
  • Try the lobster salad washed down with a Killer Bee
  • Order a Killer Bee. The best rum based drink on the Island.
  • Don't waste your time. Super ridiculously slow. And the place was not busy. Food is so-so.

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