$ $
698 W Dana St (at Hope St)
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 965-8001
11:15am - 2:00pm
5:30pm - 9:30pm
11:15am - 2:00pm
5:30pm - 9:30pm
11:15am - 2:00pm
5:30pm - 9:30pm
11:15am - 2:00pm
5:30pm - 9:30pm
11:15am - 2:00pm
5:30pm - 11:30pm
11:15am - 2:30pm
5:30pm - 11:30pm
11:15am - 2:30pm
5:30pm - 9:00pm


  • You can use credit cards.
  • Get the Niku Moyashi Kara Miso!
  • Owned by Japanese people and serving Japanese people, Shalala has the best Miso Ramen in town.
  • Sweet & Spicy Black Pepper Fried Chicken is delicious.
  • Spicy niku moyashi miso ramen is delicious! Get an okra tofu to balance out the heaviness of the ramen.
  • Get the level 3 spicy Niku moyashi miso ramen! Spicy level isn't that high. Niku has a more sweet taste, and Shalala ramen is saltier.
  • Spicy miso ramen. Best anywhere. Ever.
  • Eat slowly if you want to stay more than 10 minutes or so. As soon as you're done a waitress will ask you to please gtfo as other people need a table.
  • No longer cash only!
  • The ramen's all right, but I especially love the other stuff like rice balls and egg over rice.
  • During weekdays just be there by 11:30 to get a seat. After that it will fill up fast. Worth it tho!
  • Try the tsukemen dipping ramen. The broth is more salty and slighty sour. The better part is you can take it home if you have some left over.
  • Best ramen joint in Mountain View. Any one of the karages is a great complement to the delicious ramen. Love the shio ramen.
  • Get the Shalala burrito! It's amazing.
  • Get here before noon to beat the lunch crowd (you'll run into lines to get in otherwise).
  • Miso ramen's my recommendation here. Poached egg on rice is pretty tasty too.
  • Shoyu ramen, do it.
  • Ramen is awesome an only $11
  • Exotic Japanese beer, good onsen tamago (half-cooked egg)
  • Love the spicy miso ramen, and the soft-boiled eggs in particular are perfect!

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