Seafood Island Restaurant (海鮮島漁港)

$ $ $
Shop B, 7 Po Toi O
西貢, Sai Kung District


  • Drive to the restaurant while sun is still up. The drive is scenic. Starts to get busy after 18:30 on weekends.
  • Seafoods were excellent!
  • Average chinese seafood place.
  • Rustic, typical HK seafood restaurant - good food
  • Best seafood restaurant and everything is very fresh! Top dishes - crab in steamed egg, clams soup, mantis shrimp salt and pepper or steamed, prawns, bamboo clams
  • Service always bad, never spend enough to make the owners smile, unless you just leave money and walk away.
  • Happy Bday Jimbo
  • Forget about going to , this is where you want to go for seafood. Directions: Take mini-bus or taxi. Check mini-bus hours.
  • Local fishing village.
  • famous for squid sashimi!

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