Sabor Mexicano

Food Truck, Tacos, Nightlife
Jackson Heights, NY 11370


  • This is also a great place to stop for a snack if you're transferring to the bus to catch a flight from Laguardia.
  • This is more than just a taco cart - tongue and spicy pork are probably the best things you can order...but everything is delicious!
  • I always stopped here for the great tacos, but then once I tried the tortas and they're awesome too. A signature taco cart in jackson heights!
  • No beans/avocado on the cemita/torta
  • They use the same gloves to handle your money and your food.
  • Get the tortas!
  • I tottally agree that ;) Thx for the tip ;)
  • All their tacos are good, but the lengua (tongue) and suadero ("beef paunch") are especially good.
  • tacos al pastor....que rico!
  • Get a torta if you've never had one. They are amazing.
  • Al Pastor and Lengua tacos are amazing here
  • Tacos al pastor, always!