Rodizio Grill

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Allentown, PA


  • Rodizio is my favorite place to go. I love their Glazed Pineapple the most and their spicy chicken and sirloin. All the workers are great and Pedro (manager) always remembers us. Definitely recommend.
  • For big parties, ask for Pedro! He has been so kind to my HUGE family. Their whole team helped set everything up for us last minute. Can't recommend this place enough. Thanks again Pedro!
  • Good people running this spot. And LOTS OF DELICIOUS MEATS!
  • I have been to a few Brazilian steak houses but thus one has great food and was fun. It's like a buffet but they bring it to you!! Bring your appetite!
  • Great food and very friendly! The greatest thing is I have celiac and its great that almost everything is gluten free and its cleary marked what is or isn't at the salad bar!
  • Great place to eat. Employees are excellent and food is delicious!
  • Be careful on your portions, it seems like a small bite when they come but the gouchos come non stop! :)
  • I came here for a special event, and the variety and quantity of meat was impressive, and it was served well and delicious, too. I definitely plan to come back.
  • Come with an appetite there are so many awesome meats to choose from!
  • Great food, excellent service. Just beware of the mini red peppers at the salad bar. First bite is pleasant, but the heat ramps up quickly. My personal favorite was the tenderloin
  • Great food, huge beer selection.
  • Pedro and his team were amazing! Great service and eager to make sure your time there is perfect. Absolutely will do again.
  • I love the garlic beef. So tender melts in your mouth
  • Meat, meat, and more meat
  • The sirloin is great! Be sure to try the ceviche at the salad bar!
  • Everything! Great friendly service as well!
  • The garlic beer rocks
  • Good for its price! Lived the beef selection and wine
  • Excellent Restaurant! Guarantee not to go home hungry. All the meats are seasoned perfectly.
  • The salad bar was awesome, so was the desert... The meat at Rio's in Nazareth is much better.