Qian Yue Court (乾悦阁)

淮海中路1414号2-3楼 (近复兴中路)
Xuhui, 上海市
+86 21 6418 9196


  • is pretty pretty pretty good here
  • Must eat the Shunde style Fried and baked spare ribs! (
  • Wifi pw: 14141414
  • Good sauce here. Try the soya one, it's quite an Asian flavor. No need for table salt.
  • Wifi password: 1414qianyuege
  • Congee hotpot, order some fish, pork & cuttlefish balls, beef, cook & eat, then add all the garnishes to complete the congee soup. Photo is of the finished product.
  • Too bad this place is now closed
  • Wifi Pw: 1414qianyuege
  • Guangdong Shun De () Cuisine, have to try their Congee Soup hotpot and then eat the congee porridge after!