Plum Burgers

Food Truck, Vegetarian / Vegan
Seattle, WA


  • The Mediterranean burger is dangerously delicious. Eat it up yeah!
  • Pricy but worth it, although if the day ever comes where they don't screw up my order at least a little bit I will drop to my knees and weep quietly in awe
  • Amazing jerk yam burger
  • would recommend the yam curry fries. delicious, a bit slow in service, but definitely fresh, tasty vegetarian food. extra $1 for gluten free on some items.
  • Jerk Yam Burger was full of flavor. Yam curry fries were excellent. I'll be finding this truck again.
  • The latest venue for the Seattle gourmet vegan empire that is Plum: Plum Bistro and Plum Cafe on Cap Hill, the original Quickie in Tacoma, and now Plum's own food truck. Thank you God it's good.