Phó Vân

Vietnamese, Noodles
8557 Research Blvd (at Fairfield Drive)
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 832-5595



  • Order quick or aggro waitress will kick your ass.
  • The waiters aren't aggro; it's a cultural thing. Excellent, authentic Vietnamese food, and the best bahn mis in town. Cone for the sandwiches, go to sunflower across the way for imperial rolls.
  • I love aggro waitress. She is part of what I love about Pho Van. She is always nice to me but then again I know how to order my food.
  • Omg aggro waitress! D: "You order now please thank you!!". *barkbarkbarkbark!!!* ;_; crowding puppies!
  • Meat balls are pretty good (compared to what I've had other places)
  • Number 30.
  • Get #32, Bun Dau Hu! Very good and lots of protein.
  • Best Banh Mi in the city
  • Get the fresh spring rolls #20 as an appetizer. The bahn mi here is great
  • Better know your order. She's brutal.
  • Good Pho, lots of vegan options!
  • The pho with round steak meatballs and brisket is the shit
  • The pho with round steak meat balls and tendon is the shit
  • Great meatballs. Get the pho with round steak and brisket, then add on meatballs.
  • Pho #1, shrimp spring rolls, pork sandwich, coffee
  • Best chicken spring rolls I've ever had!
  • Best Bon bu hue (beef stew pho kinda thing) I've tried so far in Austin
  • I love how they cook the egg.
  • vermicelli, bruh
  • Good as always

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