Nom Nom

Row 1

Juhu Versova Link Rd.

Foursquare Tips

  • Food takes forever to come :@ Its been more than half an hour. This sucks.
  • Well-defined menu...very expensive...worth a try!!! Had a fun-drink called "lizard's bum"...cracks me up still...and yea nom nom away!
  • Their water chestnuts in the basil sauce is good.
  • Food is decent but I have a fundamental problem with restaurants chanting a Service Charge or fee. What if I didn't like the service? And it's as if the food is not already marked up.
  • Don't bother about the crib bees. An we some place, great tastes, and almost everything on the menu is nice. If you feel like eating light try the Malaysian Chicken Curry and rice.
  • Bassa wid bird chilli dimsum
  • Excellent veg choice.. Try the Burmese khaosuey and wasabi chestnut..
  • Awesome thai food..
  • Absolutely delighted! Food and service both top notch!
  • The best buffet ever!!!
  • Lovely Thai Food!!
  • Burnt Garlic Rice <3 & the Ambiance <3 A MUST VISIT!
  • Good Thai food!! But sushi not that great...
  • The sushi is a must!
  • The sushi is good must try
  • Burnt garlic rice. Basa in Singapore sauce and noodles
  • Yaki Tori is yummy the leeks are well done
  • Thai ice tea is very different and very Thaisish has lots of elaichi
  • Crispy Chicken is nice
  • Awesome sushi. Top notch.

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