Janya Tomato Ramen (醬家)

468 Shanghai St
Mongkok, 油尖旺區
+852 3565 4600


  • They concentrated on their Ramen. Show their confidence in their product.
  • Absolutely amazing!!! A unique tomato soup base for ramen that works like magic!!! This is a must try!!!
  • The signature here is the Chilli Prawn Tomato Ramen. Not to spicy and the tomato favour is rich. The waiter is a bit new so no water and tissue was ready and need to request for it
  • Rich tomato soup, but ramen is too soft.
  • Great tomato soup base like freshly squeezed tomato! The soup is also cooked with other fresh veggies such as bell peppers, cabbage, mushrooms, etc
  • Healthy tomato broth based ramen. With NHK live broadcast !!
  • the menu offers 6 choices only and they are of the same soup base (tomato soup).
  • Nice tomato soup ramen. Worth the money!
  • Amazing Japanese ramen in tomato soup! Menu only offers 6 choices (all with the same soup base) but they're so good that it's definitely worth a return visit.