Jamal's Buffalo Wings

10 Northside Dr NW (MLK)
Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 221-0088



  • In a trailer across from the Georgia Dome. They only accept cash.
  • Why do we give OUR BUSINESSES such a hard time? No wonder there's drama here. Y'all should be tipping!
  • Nice, not bad at all!! Try it!
  • They have excellent wings...big and delicious! 40 cent wings on Wednesday!
  • Spicy wings were great!
  • Whether theyre the intensely tart lemon pepper wings or the saucy buffalo variety, Jamals hot wings are fantastically crisp and tender.
  • One of my favorite wing joints. It's pretty inexpensive - around $18 for twenty wings and fries.
  • Great wings! I did the lemon pepper. They did screw me on the 40cent Wednesday special though.