The Greenhouse

Molecular Gastronomy
$ $ $ $
Dawson St
Dublin, Dublin City 2
12:00pm - 2:15pm
6:00pm - 9:30pm
12:00pm - 2:15pm
6:00pm - 9:30pm
12:00pm - 2:15pm
6:00pm - 9:30pm
12:00pm - 2:15pm
6:00pm - 9:30pm
12:00pm - 2:15pm
6:00pm - 9:30pm


  • Stunning food. Another great restaurant in the heart of Dublin, highly recommended.
  • Pre Michelin star. Go now before prices deservedly double.
  • Finnish Chef really knows what he is doing. Great place for special occasion. Take the wine menu with your tasting menu. Well worth it. Quality of food and wine well justify the prices.
  • You've happened upon the best restaurant in Dublin. Enjoy
  • Amazing food. Small but not cramped. Great wine list
  • Very well deserved michelin star delicious food combined withy great service. One of the best experience in Dublin. Super nice gluten free bread !
  • Spectacular dinner and in my opinion the best Michelin star in Dublin. Friendly service, surprising dishes and great wine. All of that for a very fair price. I'd definitely recommend the greenhouse.
  • Beautiful setting for special lunch or dinner. Good for client meetings. Refined plating, enough options for vegetarians.
  • Absurdly delicious. Come for their 55 5-course lunch tasting menu. Now awarded with a Michelin Star!
  • Absolutely phenomenal across the board, had the six course tasting menu, pure perfection. The additional cheese course is highly recommended, staff is very knowledgeable and professional.
  • Everything on the lunch tasting menu was fantastic, but on the day there wasn't enough variety of flavour between each dish. Although at 55 for five courses it's damn good value.
  • Amazing food, we had the tasting menu and were blown away. Especially Charred Mackerel, & Oyster Emulsion, wow! The plating was like art. Waiting for an excuse to go again!
  • An incredible tasting menu. Expensive but worth it.
  • Secret tasting menu was excellent. The addition of the accompanying wines was nice too. Top quality food in Dublin. Fairly expensive but in my opinion worth it.
  • The best of local, seasonal Irish cuisine in Dublin!
  • I am a finicky eater but not the less I loved the 5 course surprise tasting menu. Though portions are small I felt quite full by the end of it. The staff will not rush you through it.
  • Get the souffl
  • Incredible experience. Food was amazing. A Michelin star in the making
  • Absolutely amazing.
  • My new favourite restaurant. Amazing food michelin star standard. Gorgeous appetisers and desserts.