Godly (功德林)

Row 1

303 Wuyuan Rd
+86 21 6471 8909

Foursquare Tips

  • Their cigarettes are certified vegan and organic
  • So fancy now with their iPad minis and Julio Iglesias music
  • Enjoy your bowl of wontons al fresco on a nice day. Add a side of veggie chicken patty. Run away without paying and the meal could be free
  • The popular wontons are quite good, but I really loved the fish with sweet and sour sauce, as well as the chrysanthemum and amaranth dishes.
  • vegetarian place great noodles
  • Excellent vegetarian dishes. They don't add weijing (glutamate).
  • I always go for the wontons!
  • They got rid of their picture menu, so you have to remember the dish names: and
  • Trust me on this one, order the baby "eel." It's fantastic.
  • Nice spice jam noodle.
  • Great vegetarian place, try the wonton soup