Garden District Coffee

Coffee Shop, Café
2008 Perkins Rd (at Zeeland Ave)
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 344-7375



  • Great place to set up and work, nice shady patio, great coffee, friendly people!
  • I miss the couches. Maybe it was the barista or bad batch of beans, but I had an awful cappuccino tonight. First time I've been back since 2007. Muffin was fantastic though.
  • I really enjoy those blueberry pastry things! Try one, worth the calories.
  • Get the coffee X-treme if you are...X-treme!
  • Garden District Coffee is in a great neighborhood:)
  • Perks is good. But you should go to Highland Coffees instead.
  • They have lots of pastry options but their chai latte is literally just the Premade Starbucks jug you buy from the supermarket which was kind of disappointing
  • Good coffee, good atmosphere for reading
  • An artistic coffeehouse vibe that somewhat skews towards students. Nice outdoor arena, especially when the chorus of birds starts chirping.
  • This place is comfortable and the staff is great. The coffee isn't super consistent, but it's almost always good. Only real is the wifi which is spotty.
  • Delicious desserts. I like the almond milk option. Plenty of spaces available for seats, not so for parking.
  • Really good iced coffee and muffins. Makes me think i am in Seattle when its raining with those large windows.
  • The place is big and would be a nice place to study, but they force you to purchase if you want to use their wifi. The coffee is not great. I could make something better at home.
  • Excellent coffee, great atmosphere
  • Usually has pretty spotty internet connection >.<
  • Cookies! There are many varieties and pretty much all of them are worth a try.
  • They roast their own beans here, just saying!
  • Once you get used to the bright walls and floors, the absence of couches, and the new name, you'll find most everything else you loved about Perks is still here-minus the bagels...
  • Perks is in a great neighborhood:)
  • Blueberry muffins are awesome!