Endless Summer Taco Truck

Food Truck, Tacos, Burritos
Metropolitan Ave (at Berry St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 651-0604



  • You can't shake a stick at it.
  • The pork is delicious. I recommend it in burrito form.
  • Fish tacos are a must!
  • The juicy pork ($2.50) or beef ($3) tacos with avocado crema are deliciously overstuffed. One of our 25 favorite food trucks!
  • om nom nom. amazing & cheap.
  • Best pork tacos I've had in NYC. Goodness.
  • I don't think they believe in guacamole. Ive asked for it two diff times in my burrito and they say "ok" but then there's no guacamole in the burrito...why?
  • Chorizo burrito is the way to go. It will be worth the extra wait.
  • Seitan tacos are the best faux meat tacos in the area.
  • Best fish burrito!! It's worth the 10 minute wait, and that is coming from a San Francisco transplant in search of the closest thing to La taqueria- SF
  • It's vegan-friendly. Get the seitan taco without sour cream & sauce.
  • Glad to see this Williamsburg staple back. Best tacos on Bedford.
  • Best chicken burritos I've ever had
  • The most magical place in all of Williamsburg.
  • The meanest Seitan tacos around
  • Totally worth the wait, get the pork and some tasty green soda
  • Tacos are great. Burritos are... OK. Pork, chorizo, and fish tacos are where it's at.
  • Pork Tacos are the best!
  • The only thing that is worse than the people that work here is the food. Smells like a sewage treatment plant
  • I didn't have an amazing taco experience here, but it was a good one. Good sized tacos. When you think you need 3, you really only need 2. And between the pork and chicken taco. I recommend the pork.

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