DC Ballers

Food Truck
Washington, DC 20005


  • The Falafel Platter will leave you full and satisfied. Six flavorful falafels over a generous serving of tangy hummus, tabouli, and Israeli salad with warm and delicious pita bread.
  • I consider myself somewhat of a falafel expert and that's one hellova falafel. Big, fresh, just the right amount of tahini and pickles. The best I've found in DC!!
  • Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Other Middle Eastern delights like Tabouli, and the Greek-style fries with oregano, feta cheese, and olive oil are scrumptious.
  • Be sure to ask for a side of their house made hot sauce
  • Excellent, if not messy sandwich and incredible fries.
  • Best fries in town. Order some?
  • the falafel platter is huge and probably enough for two people (if you feel like sharing -- but who ever feels like sharing falafel and hummus?)
  • The falafel Sammy is huge, so good, and jam packed! Almost worth the $7. I had half for lunch and half for din.
  • Two words.....damn good.
  • Try the chipotle aioli with the sweet potato fries.
  • DC Ballers has some of the best French fries in the city.