Dayang Sarawak Corner

$ $
Jalan Suasa 1
Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur 57000


  • The best Laksa Sarawak in Klang Valley
  • All foods are nice here and the price is reasonable 5
  • Mee kolok terbaik, mcm kt sarawak rasanya. Suggested must try!!! Harga murah. Rm4.50 saja. Sangat puas. Mesti order dua haaa... maaf gmbr dah licin. Xsmpt nk tgkp masa blom mkn. :-)
  • Mee kolok special for big appetite
  • Wanna breakfast mee kolok Muslim original from Sarawak with love
  • As a Sarawakian, this place offer the best Mee Kolok so far in Kuala Lumpur, other than any places!
  • Laksa sarawak
  • Laksa Sarawak is good and must try. Mee kolok is not bad, nasi goreng corn beef is tasty. Very fast service but a lil bit crowded.
  • Generous serving off mee kolok, soup was great. Also serves local malay dishes
  • If you're looking for good sarawak's local dishes, come here
  • Menu sarawak terbaik. Mee kolok spesial
  • Singgah makan.. Mee Kolok Dayang Sarawak Corner memang A++.Dengan harga yang berpatutan.
  • I'm satisfied with mee kolok but laksa Sarawak probably kurang lemak and cair. Definitely recommended especially Sarawakian who miss Sarawak food like me ;) Reasonable price and worth to try!
  • Mee kolok and laksa sarawak are awesome.. Reasonable price.. No need to travel all the way to Dapur Sarawak anymore... Rate 4 out of 5
  • Mee Kolok, Nasi Ayam, and Laksa Sarawak; our favorite dishes!
  • Servis super slow. Biasa je mkanan dia. Nak ambik order pun lambat. NOT RECOMMENDED. Tq.
  • The mee kolok is superb!
  • If u have tried Minch pork noodles, this mee kolok would be only rated 4/10 only.
  • Mee kolok is alright. The laksa Sarawak on the other hand a bit disappointed.
  • First time rase sedap jugak mee kolok

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