Cracked: The Egg Came First

Food Truck
N. Matthews Ave. (at Springfield Ave.)
Urbana, IL 61801


  • Morning bender and tots are amazing
  • Check them out at the farmers market. Get the truffle tots and lay down some serious ketchup.
  • The vegasm
  • Sloppy Jose. So good.
  • the plan b with egg
  • I like the vegasm and the plan b
  • Good food, but kinda pricy.
  • Get anything. Because you will probably try something different on your second visit. There will be a second visit
  • So GD delicious
  • Best place to eat in champaign. Hands down
  • finding the truck based on location can be tricky
  • Follow them on twitter to find out where they are! @CrackedTruck
  • The Morning Bender sandwich is as good as it gets. Simply amazing!!
  • Vegasm! Its great even for non vegetarians!
  • AWESOME Egg Sandwiches.
  • Sloppy Jos is amazing
  • Love! Love! Love!
  • Love the Farmer's Special! Can't wait to try everything on the menu!