Costa Coffee (咖世家)

Coffee Shop
168 Anfu Rd (Wulumuqi Rd)
Xuhui, 上海市
+86 21 5403 7951


  • Mint peach ice tea!!! Nice!
  • you should be careful cos you might get a chocolate instead of real coffee there ...
  • I could hand-deliver a letter faster than sending an email here
  • This coffee shop is set aside from all the others by claiming the tittle of most complicated Internet login. Slowest Internet as well. Coffee very average.
  • I much prefer Costa over Starbucks, both the Coffee and Food is Better.
  • The chicken salad was nice and fresh
  • Beautiful Anfu Lu
  • Free wifi here
  • Blueberry muffin is a must.
  • like the quiet place and free Wifi
  • Too sweet
  • The Coffee cup is great !
  • Nice coffee place.

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